Metropolitan Magazine and its exclusive content is circulated via custom direct mail, strategic physical locations, throughout networking & charity events and digitally through the online flip-book, blog posts and social media. Our custom mailing list is updated regularly and exclusive to Metropolitan Magazine. It’s comprised of current and off the market listings, high net worth professionals, celebrities and targeted white glove buildings throughout New York and in select markets across the country.

Top real estate and PR agencies, luxury hotels, exclusive salons, private aviation and transportation services, and high-end medical practices are among those who receive Metropolitan Magazine by physical delivery. International exposure is a major focus of ours as we continue to develop distribution partnerships overseas and find new ways to market around the world. Our intelligent digital circulation is masterfully implemented through a network that includes social media, blogging, strategic SEO and online audio media.

Event planning, networking opportunities, and speaking panels are available via co-branding opportunities and paid promotions.We have a track record of successful engagements at the highest level.

Metropolitan Magazine also produces exclusive video & audio programming to inspire people across the globe. A web of social media, bloggers, and paid marketing guarantees targeted exposure.

SmallMWe also offer custom publications, graphic assistance, copy editing, professional referrals and industry consulting on-demand.


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" Nik and his team are true professionals with a unique and trusted perspective on New York real estate."

− Ivanka Trump, EVP, The Trump Organization

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