Bespoke Bedding



By Christina DOS SANTOS

I’ve always felt that a great synergy exists between my NY-based Interior design firm and my Tribeca luxurious home furnishings boutique. This dynamic synergy inspired me to create and offer gorgeous custom bedding to my NYC clientele base. I started my own bedding label but wanted to go beyond this and actually offer custom bedding to each individual client. I wanted to offer not only a selection of fabulous archive designs, but also provide a thread chart with the dizzying spectrum of colors that are available from Italy.dos3

I thought all of my clients should have this same access to grace and exacting perfection, and so an idea was hatched. Custom bedding has continued to be a special feature of my boutique ever since. I work one-on-one with customers to design and produce the exact bedding to complement their décor and to enhance their time spent relaxing and dreaming.

This means my clients and I can choose unique embroidery patterns, thread colors, and finishings to create entirely bespoke sheeting set. Every bedroom I design for a client’s home calls for nothing short of individual inspiration and custom sheeting to go with the look. I was thrilled to able to bring this unique experience to my clients and to my store through my relationships and close connections to the very best in the European Textile industry.

dos1My background has provided me with the necessary tools that I draw on to create every aspect of a gracious and sensuous home. I’m originally trained as an Architect, yet I worked for years in product development for ABC Carpet & Home, a well-known emporium of exclusive home goods in Manhattan. During this time, I unearthed some of the most renowned mills in Italy. These people were truly artisans, spinning bedding of exceptional quality and care. In Florence, one particular mill stood out as exemplary, and it is where I continue to work today. Through this partnership, I have created a signature line that produces the finest quality, hand-embroidered, and hand-loomed bedding available on the market. The exquisite level of craftsmanship I find there is exactly what one would expect of the finest sheeting in Italy.

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