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Whether for a resale photo shoot, or for an agent giving a tour, your home has to be prepped if it’s going to be seen by the public. Here are a few suggestions to follow as you get ready for a showing:

01Start by considering what to get rid of. Anything too personal can distract from the property. Remove any family portraits, baby photos, framed memorabilia, etc. These items make it difficult for potential buyers to santos bathroomvisualize themselves in the space. This applies particularly to the bathroom; no one else needs to see what conditioner and body wash you use but you.

Instead, replace frames with fresh flowers and diffusers throughout the house. For the bathroom, add a few fresh decorative bath and hand towels and more fresh flowers in lieu of exposed soaps and everyday bath accessories. Scent – considered the most memorsantos kitchenable of our five senses – plays a significant factor in the human experience. If you want potential buyers to subconsciously love being in your space, a subtle hint of elegance will go a long way.

02Do any of your rooms have natural light? Show it off! Light brings life to a room and is a great commodity in the city. Featuring lisantos lightght will also help brighten up any dark spots in neighboring rooms.santos light2


03Outdoor spaces can sometimes be the biggest selling point of a home, but are often left bare for a showing. Plan for the opposite; consider potted garden accent lighting to give your patio depth. Even adding solar spotlights to the floor brings a great energy to the area. If you are showing your home this winter, find a good heated lamp to show santos outdoorpotential buyers that the space is still useful during the winter months. Cushions and throws in warm tones can also convey “cozy” and feature a deck’s extra usability.

04Children’s rooms can be difficult during a sale because a new owner may not use this santos kids roomspace as such, so do your best to have all toys put away and out of sight. You want to underscore the versatility of this room as much as possible for prospective buyers.




Need more ideas? Come by our showroom at 39 North Moore Street, Tribeca, to see some of these helpful ideas and more!

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