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Today, the neighborhood’s appeal is in its classical, industrial charm, and because it feels real. Tribeca & Soho prices are up 14% from 2012 – partly due to low supply – so it’s a great time to sell. But we still see great value going forward too. Bond’s Tribeca Team has some exciting upcoming real estate seminars and speakers, plus a gallery opening for local artist CJ Collins at our Hudson Street office March 5th. Find us on, Facebook, Meetup and Twitter, or stop in!


How an abandoned cast-iron textile factory and warehouse district became so desirable is one of the great stories of New York real estate.







Jacob’s Neighborhood Picks:


01Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

135 West Broadway

Best spot in NYC, not just Tribeca/Soho.



77 Warren Street

Sports bars with video game tables just don’t get cooler.


03Laughing Man

54 Reade Street

The best baristas below 14th Street.



57 Warren Street

Japanese knives that’d put Hattori Hanzo steel to shame.


05New York Academy of Art

111 Franklin Street

Each exhibit is mind blowing.

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