Maria DeVivo

Executive Editor

Maria DeVivo is a New York native – Long Island born and raised. She graduated with a BA in English Literature from St. John’s University with minors in Journalism and Education. Having had her hand in the education field for some time, Maria turned her attentions to one of her major passions – fiction writing – where she continues to dabble in YA, Dark Fantasy, and even Horror.

Her award-winning series, The Coal Elf Chronicles, continues to top charts and be a twisted holiday favorite. Her venture as an author has opened many doors including doing editorial work for a prominent print magazine, being a guest author panelist at Tampa Bay Comic Con, being a guest speaker at the annual Barnes and Noble B-Fest, among other literary appearances. She also enjoys mentoring other writers to help them achieve their publication goals.

Maria hopes her unique and quirky style can add yet another dimension to Metropolitan Magazine.

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