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    • Authenticity Sells julie_new_headshot_892x1024

      By Emma Collins Connecticut is a center of movement that is revitalizing marketing outside of New York City. The woman behind the mantras and marketing efforts, is Realtor® and President of the Higgins Group, (a Christie’s International real estate affiliate), Julie Vanderblue of Fairfield County. “My job is to market Connecticut at the highest level… … more

    • APARTMENT NUMBER 12 Photo by David Kestin

      Heather Fink is on… APARTMENT NUMBER 12 Comedian and filmmaker, Heather Fink, gives Metropolitan an artist’s perception of value through a personal snapshot of her life in Brooklyn. Luxury as a term has many definitions, and while financial freedom leads to luxurious experiences, the ability to see the world through other’s eyes has tremendous value. … more

    • Self-Awareness 3bbc83a

      Self-Awareness  by Brian Cuban Most of my life has been about succumbing to various triggers that set off a litany of destructive behaviors.  Stress at work. Stress with relationships. Negative body image. Finally at age forty-five, I began recovery, developing a sense of self-awareness to recognize and deal with stressors as a part of life.  … more

    • The Evolution of Adaptation: A Conversation with Glenn Asher 001-Metro2 (73)

       By: Stephanie Jones  Real estate visionary Glenn Asher may appear to follow a host of career paths, from Executive Vice President of Business Development to Elite Event Planner to Industry Liaison. To Asher, however, he’s merely embodying all facets of a specialized professional in an ever-evolving industry. Asher credits his success to a nuanced understanding … more

    • Living Large with Emily Smith new left

      EMILY SMITH INVITES YOU INSIDE THE WORLD OF NEW MEDIA AND LUXURY LIVING CBS news has seen its share of personalities grace the NYC stage with varying degrees of popularity. The need for relatable and consistent personal branding has always been the goal among news professionals. This consistency helps the everyday audience know what to … more

    • The “Golden Goddess” of New York Real Estate camduv

      Talking with with Camille Duvall-Hero by Tyler J. Peckio What could being a New York City real estate agent and professional water skier possibly have in common? Surface level, the two could not be more different—one involves navigating the near impossible labyrinth of New York real estate (not for the weak of heart) and the … more

    • Hiring On Instinct Corcoran 01

      The science behind team building with Barbara Corcoran By Amber Snider When it comes to start-up businesses, there is one thing that can either make or break the company: the team you hire. “The most important rule for a real estate broker/owner building a business is recruiting talent,” Barbara Corcoran tells Metropolitan Magazine. Weighing the … more

    • Talking with… francis

      Francis Greenburger Founder and Chairman, Time Equities Inc.           1. How much of an impact does the international buyer have on your projects? What steps do you take, if any, to market your projects overseas? A: Our projects are family-oriented and we expect them to also have an international appeal. Our … more

    • The Style Of Real Estate st1

      By Erin Briana O’BRIEN       Former high fashion model Trish Goff may have had an unconventional pathway to the real estate industry, but she approaches it the same way she approaches everything: with exquisite poise and taste. The statuesque beauty knows from experience that her looks and fashion choices have a significant influence … more

    • Rebranding and Preservation 2

       …with Elizabeth Stribling By Stephanie Jones When Elizabeth Stribling became President of Stribling and Associates in 2013, she knew she had an uncompromising legacy to uphold. Having worked as Director of Marketing and Business Development for many years, Stribling already had a comprehensive understanding of core values, including the number one axiom handed down from … more

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