Property Shark Of The Month – Stefani Markowitz, Rutenberg


Property Shark anointed Rutenberg President Stefani Markowitz as this edition’s “Property Shark Of The Month”.

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What inspires you?

My grandfather lived every aspect of his life practicing honesty, integrity and good ethics. He put such a strong emphasis on the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of that trait during his career and through-out the founding of Charles Rutenberg LLC. His ability to live life with these standards and use them to inspire others, inspires me as a person and as the President of the company. I strive every day to utilize these characteristics, and am proud to be leading what he created, the future of the real estate industry.

Looking toward 2016, what evolutions would you like to see within the industry?

Co-op board transparency, more Fair Housing opportunities and easier financing for first-time buyers.


Talk about any philanthropic endeavors you or Rutenberg are involved in.

Rutenberg has partnered with Wounded Warriors to further the careers and professional development for returning veterans. Rutenberg fully underwrites the costs a veteran may incur to obtain a real estate license and provides them with a job at the firm.

Personally, I am also a strong supporter of the New York City Rescue Mission and Friends of the Israel Defense Forces.

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