The Evolution of Adaptation: A Conversation with Glenn Asher

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 By: Stephanie Jones 

Real estate visionary Glenn Asher may appear to follow a host of career paths, from Executive Vice President of Business Development to Elite Event Planner to Industry Liaison. To Asher, however, he’s merely embodying all facets of a specialized professional in an ever-evolving industry.

Asher credits his success to a nuanced understanding of adaptability within the market. In 2008, when the banking industry was floundering, he was a leading sales executive for Kensington National Land Services, a national title insurance and settlement firm, when it merged with Vanguard Title Agency to create Kensington Vanguard National Land Services. Together, their natural synergies allowed the combined companies to penetrate all aspects of the title insurance market.

“Each company had what the other was missing,” he says. “Vanguard had been very successfully focused on New York-based commercial and residential purchase work. It was a perfect combination with Kensington’s national presence in both commercial and residential refinance title insurance. It was a great merger in 2008—a case where one plus one equaled three.”

While he can’t predict every twist and drop off, Asher’s willingness to embrace a constantly fluctuating real estate market prepares him for each new conception that leads to a reinvention of his business model. “You can’t just stop growing your business,” he says.

“Learning from mistakes is also an important factor, [as well as] being able to change the way you approach situations based on your failures, and what you didn’t notice before, and [knowing] how to handle a situation. The real key is the interaction—and being able to read people.”

His knack for interpreting client behavior is the core of Asher’s successful business practices. “This is a service-based industry, [and] I’m a student of the game. I’m always learning; I’m always asking questions. Although I’m outspoken, I listen to people.” Nurturing these relationships with customers and colleagues has compelled Asher to develop himself as a uniquely specialized Event Planner. His networking event, ReVamp, allows realtors and real estate professionals face-to-face Interactions in a relaxed, conversation-driven atmosphere. “All of our lives are crazy,” he says.

“We’re running around like chickens without heads, chasing our tails, trying to make ends meet, trying to close the next deal, get the next relationship and we never mix business with pleasure; my events do just that. We’ve created localized platforms, over a four-course dinner at a nice restaurant, with a half hour of networking before [the meal], and then a three-hour segment [that consists of] networking and discussing various topics. Branded exposure for Kensington Vanguard was always a good thing for my client base which is how the events part started.”

Exposure for Kensington Vanguard is but one area of Asher’s Events Planning expertise. The concept for real estate website powerhouse PropertyShark’s Appreciation Event blossomed out of Asher’s wildly successful Million Dollar Mixer, an event that helped facilitate countless introductions between New York and Los Angeles Real Estate professionals from Bravo’s popular reality series, Million Dollar Listing. Asher considers his dedication to details the secret behind each successful industry event. “Everything is a bullet point,” he says.

“The little things are what make a large event successful. If I do an event, and I put my stamp on it, it’s my reputation. So I have complete control of the event, and, at the end of the day, people do business. And I get phone calls the following week [telling me], ‘Glenn, that was awesome.'”

Through considerable and profound changes to the real estate industry, Asher emerges with increased clarity, and wisdom of experience. His creative problem solving allows him to learn from the past and adapt for the future, and his dedication to customer service ensures his place as an enduring figure of success and professionalism.

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