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Tirsha Goff
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Former high fashion model Trish Goff may have had an unconventional pathway to the real estate industry, but she approaches it the same way she approaches everything: with exquisite poise and taste. The statuesque beauty knows from experience that her looks and fashion choices have a significant influence on the how her clients perceive her.

“I think it affects the job because it gives clients a sense of who you are.”

Indeed, Ms. Goff takes great care with her stylistic selections. Her multi-decade career in the modeling industry has given her an inside knowledge of the best brands to give just the right impression. Before, she walked the runway and posed for Vogue in business attire; now Ms. Goff finds herself turning to similar attire in order to add it to her personal collection. She has noticed the sartorial differences between the two industries, while gamely navigating the changes. “Being a fashion model, you can show up in jeans and a pair of boots – something cool and interesting that works. Now turning that around, going to a meeting with a client to see a $5 million house… there’s a lot to be said about how you present yourself.”

And the way Ms. Goff chooses to present herself is with class and candor. She shares that she’s “kind of a tomboy,”  ehough she now likes to keep her hair long. This is a far cry from her younger modeling days, when she was styled to have a signature cut- the ‘bubble bowl.’ While Ms. Goff undoubtedly was stunning with this short, bold haircut in the past, she is now quite content to have longer locks she may put up or wear down as she chooses.st2

One main difference Ms. Goff sees between the modeling world and the real estate business is that exact issue of choice, and how one has much more control over how they can present to a client. Whereas a model is presenting another person’s clothes and line, a real estate agent is presenting themselves and their attention to detail. “As a real estate agent you have to define your own wardrobe and what your look is as a professional.”

Ms. Goff has had very few problems defining her own personal style at any point in her life. She has always had a penchant for things chic and well made. She admits that she doesn’t even own a pair of tennis shoes, because she’s always been the kind of woman to dress up, even when attending school as a young girl.

st1Ms. Goff was rather unique in that regard, growing up in her home state of Florida. She lived there just recently for a short time with her then middle school-aged son, and she reflects that fashion hasn’t really changed there recently from when she was growing up. She does note, however, that with the advent of the Internet and with designer collaborations, the youth tend to be more aware. She remembers owning an SUV with Louis Vuitton interior when she lived there. Ms. Goff was uncertain whether the local populace would be familiar with the French designer, but was pleasantly surprised at a stoplight when a group of teenage girls saw the plush interior through the open window and began to gush.

Though she was pleased to see the young women be so fashion savvy, Ms. Goff has seen herself grow more conservative in her dress over time, as her son has grown older. However, dressing more demure absolutely does not mean dressing less upscale. “The one thing I’m obsessed with is quality.” This attitude surely explains her signature  Gucci loafers, of which she has in many colors. Dawn del Russo, a celebrity fashion expert who has appeared as a top stylist on network and cable TV and in numerous fashion magazines, affirms that a person like Ms. Goff who prefers to wear Gucci loafers for work is a person who wears a top-shelf shoe “that is not only for style but for comfort. It shows a love for the finer things while still being a down to earth, more laid back person.”

A grounded individual with an eye for quality seems like a fitting summation of Ms. Goff, a woman whose background in fashion, impeccable taste, and rational disposition have provided her with a strong foundation for a prosperous real estate career.

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