Yoga: The Perfect Style for Your Personality


By Kathryn Budig 

bhujaThe word yoga probably conjures up the image of a content-looking yogi contorted into the shape of a pretzel but I have good news-all yoga isn’t like that. In fact, there are endless variations of yoga for every type of person.

The question is where should you start? Below is a short list I put together of some of the most popular styles of yoga, mapped out to match your personality in hopes that you may find your perfect style. Remember to try more than one, or at least until you find one that keeps you motivated. It’s out there — I promise!


You’re organized, always on time, never miss an appointment, and always want to do your best. 

You’ll loveAshtanga yoga. This style of yoga created by Pattabhi Jois originated in Mysore, India. It’s a set series of postures that are done in a sequence that can be practiced independently or in a led class. The sequence is challenging and fiery — it’s a great way to build strength, burn off excess energy and see results from your dedicated practice.


You’re a born athlete. You sweat every day. You adore a challenge and you love to move! 

You’ll lovePower yoga. I know this will be your cup of tea. These classes are often heated (which translates into major sweating) and include demanding postures strung together into sequences. Even the strongest athlete will find a challenge in this style of class, not to mention a great way to elongate and protect the muscles for their regular endeavors.


You’re constantly on overload with you wheels turning and twenty irons in the fire. Clearing your mind will sooner happen when pigs fly. 

You’ll loveVinyasa flow. This style of yoga links movement with breath in an often dance-like sequence of postures. It can be rigorous or soothing, or both, depending on the teacher and level. Vinyasa flow demands your full attention to do well. You can’t balance or flow if your mind is somewhere else, so this is the perfect way to get rid of your to-do list, for at least the duration of the practice


You’re a sponge for information. You’re always open to learning about anatomy, how the body works, and how to keep it safe during your practice. 

You’ll love… Iyengar yoga. This style of yoga was created by B.K.S. Iyengar. His style focuses on the intricate details of the body and how it works within each pose. It moves at a repetitive and thoughtful pace with ample amounts of yoga props to make the posture more accessible and appropriate for each body type.


Showing up to a public yoga class is your worst nightmare. You don’t want anyone watching you or you’re simply not confident enough in your yoga skills to practice in front of other people. 

You’ll loveOnline yoga. All you need is a space big enough to unroll your yoga mat and to be able to stand, fold and extend your arms. This option allows you to safely try different teachers and styles in the comfort of your home, and to work at your own pace.


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